Fairy Gardens

Enchanted miniature gardens are the perfect place to imagine tiny fairies hiding and playing games with whimsical leprechauns.

As a little girl, I received a magical gift from my parents that included a set of the tiniest plastic flowers, with separate little stems, and wee little garden beds shaped of bricks.  There is a pond, tiny chickens and miniature farm people.  Believe it or not, the whole scene is set up today under glass, in my beautiful greenhouse. Every day, this imaginative world inspires me to create new fairy gardens for big girls, who are more enchanted than ever.

My fairy gardens connect the past to the present with unique vintage containers and lush hybrid plants designed for their small size.  Each container garden features handmade trellises, woven bridges, delicate natural elements reworked into fairy architecture, all created from locally-gathered dogwood, grapevine, birch and willow. Each tiny garden includes stones from Lake Superior, one of the most sacred places on earth, and pinecones from the mountains of Colorado, a place rich in spiritual history.

I hope that these little gardens bring joy and happiness, peace and remembrance.  Enjoy!

These fairy gardens are currently available at Bellaluna,
11300 Minnetonka Mills Road, Minnetonka, MN. 55305
Please call for availability:  (952) 938-0800